Compatible cartridges do not void the printer warranty and as long as you check that the compatible product you buy is manufactured by a reputable company, employing the highest quality control standards, then you should get similar or the same print quality and quantity for dramatically less.

If you have a laser printer, and you start producing lighter print quality, your toner cartridge may be beginning to show signs of running out. Take out your toner cartridge and shake it very gently, side to side. This should redistribute the toner that's left inside and will hopefully let you print out more pages before it totally runs out, sometimes as much as an additional twenty percent, saving you money.

When buying an inkjet printer, always check the ink cartridge prices before you buy. It is common to buy an inkjet printer that is very inexpensive only to find that the ink costs are high, relative to the cost of the printer. This business model is used by many printer manufacturers to make their money. They sell the main product for very little and make up the money with their brand consumables, which is a clever business model, but can be very upsetting.

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