When Do I Need To Replace The Drum In My Printer

Posted by Administrator on 12/18/2018 to Blog

When the print or the image on the page that your are printing is faint or washed out it's time to replace your toner cartridge! - When do you need to replace the drum in your printer? 

That is the question! The purpose of the drum is to pick up the toner from the toner cartridge which is then charged by the printer's laser in the printed areas, which is then fixed to the paper by heat and roller pressure. Some printers detect the quality deterioration of the drum automatically, whilst other printers don't. 
In many printers the drum unit and the toner cartridge are housed within a single unit, or are built into the printer. However many other printers require a drum and toner cartridge that are only available as two separate units, which means that periodically, you will have to replace both the drum and toner cartridge. Fortunately the separate drum units last quite a while longer than the toner cartridges and typically should be replaced after the use of about three toner cartridges. 
You can usually tell your drum is on its last legs if you start to see black spots, lines across the page or sharp black streaks. Also, if your printed page has one or more sharp black vertical stripes running down some or all of the page, your drum is failing or is damaged and needs to be replaced. 
So in summary, you will need to replace the drum unit for a printer that uses a separate drum unit and toner cartridge, or does not have a built-in drum unit. When you experience the printing problems as mentioned above, all you have to do is replace the drum unit regularly, (after having used about three toner cartridges), and your printer will produce good quality printed pages. 
Remember the problem is not always the toner cartridge, it could be the drum unit. If in doubt, give us a call and we can advise you on whether your printer takes a combined toner- drum unit or whether it has a built in drum.
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