Save Money - Network Your Printers

Posted by on 7/6/2017 to Blog

In a casual meeting over a cup of coffee  with our tech guru, Matt, our conversation turned to why we should network printers. The first comment that he made was, how about saving money. That sounded like a very good reason to me. As the marketing director, saving money for clients translates to growing our business.

With the above in mind, I have given the idea of networking printers some thought, and have also done a bit of reading to further support this idea.

In a medium sized office environment, say about 10 people, networking a printer definitely makes a lot of sense. I expect this could also be true for smaller or larger environments as well. Multiple computers can be connected to one network, thereby allowing the sharing of printers and letting many users send print jobs to the networked printer or printers. Networking can also accommodate computers running on different platforms, enabling them to send print jobs to the network printer or printers.

In many offices there is usually a printer next to every computer. In most cases each printer is of a different make or possibly a different model, with different specifications and consumable requirements (toner cartridges). Often the overriding reason for buying the printer was, first cost, then specifications, but generally never what the consumables cost.

By networking your printers you will be able to reduce the number of printers in the general office or offices. No need to buy a printer for each employee, which results in decreased support and maintenance costs. Staff training is only necessary on the network printer or printers, and printer use is generally more efficient with reduction in waste, reduced overstocking of toner cartridges, and minimizing the possibility of running out, with resultant downtime.

Also, the networked printer or printers can be purchased with suitable specifications, thereby enhancing printer capability with higher quality than personal printers. For example, high volume output, colour capability, double sided printing, fax and copy facilities, to name just a few. An additional benefit to be considered is remote printing capabilities. 

Once your printers have been networked, we are able to provide you with regular printer alert reports without any obligation, showing current toner levels per printer, and in this way you can monitor usage and ensure that you never run out and never have downtime.

Give us a call or email to find out about our free printer report facility.

Malcolm - Marketing Director