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SUPERIOR is our house brand and is a premium quality Remanufactured Toner Cartridge line.

Superior Brand Toners are always fully refurbished in Canada, and meets the highest international standards, for output and reliability.

They are an excellent choice both in quality and price when compared to the original manufactured brand (OEM).
All our Toners carry an unconditional 100% warranty to perform as good as the original. After-market Toners will not void your printer warranty, ever.

Fuzion is a premium line of Compatible products sourced from top manufacturers around the world. Consistent, reliable High Quality print makes fuzion the number one Compatible alternative to high priced OEM printing consumables in Canada. All new Fuzion compatibles are produced using 100% new parts and are 100% Compatible with a wide range of OEM brands.

Fuzion Compatibles are sourced from top manufacturers around the world who apply the highest consistent quality, in certified facilities, employing strict guidelines and respecting OEM patent design and functionality to ensure consistency in Quality.

All Fuzion products are bench marked to OEM performance standards, with experienced quality control and technical support. Manufacturers employ the most advanced technology for R&D and quality assurance testing to ensure the consistency in quality, and carry many certifications including ISO9001, ISO14001, ROHS and STMC.
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