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Sending and giving out holiday cards is a great way of letting the people you care about know you are thinking of them this holiday season. Did you know that the first official holiday card was sent in England in 1843 (shown below).

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The British Royal family started sending out holiday cards in the 1840s as well. Queen Victoria would include updates on things that were happening within the family throughout that year in the cards. In the present time in America, approximately 1.6 billion holiday cards are purchased annually. Many holiday greeting cards can get expensive, which is why creating your own printable holiday cards is a great inexpensive alternative.

Whether you prefer more simplistic, general types of holiday cards or very personal cards, the list below caters to all.

5 Free Websites to Print Your Own Cards This Holiday Season

1.      Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is perfect for those who like to personalize their holiday cards with their own photos. You can choose from a variety of designs and templates and simply edit the card to say what you would like it to, then save it to your computer. You will need to create a free account on Adobe Spark or use your Gmail account. Make sure you select “Print” and use the “Card” size to ensure the perfect print out.

2.      Xerox

Xerox free holiday printable cards are great for people who do not wish to include personal photos. If you would like a simplistic holiday card, Xerox will work for you. Easily select which card template you would like, and a pdf will open for you to print and cut to size. The inside of the cards is blank, making it easy for you to write whatever you wish inside!

3.      Greetings Island  

Greeting Island has it all! With over 100 template designs, they make it easy for you to customize whichever design you like. You are able to customize the front, back, and inside as well as adding personal photos. With this site, you have the option to either print your cards, or you can send them as Ecards to your loved ones through email or Facebook.

4.      Printable Cards (Good for Kids)

Printable Cards has hundreds of free card templates for you to easily customize. If you have young kids who love to be creative, Printable Cards also offers holiday cards that they can colour. Simply select “colouring cards”, choose which card you (and your child) like best, print it out in black and white, and then supply them with the colouring tools they need to make their own masterpiece.

5.      Canva

For those that prefer to really have creative freedom with their holiday cards, Canva is perfect for you. Canva is a freemium site; meaning there are both free and premium options. With Canva, you are able to fully customize a holiday card, or alter a template that you like! You can easily move graphics around on the card, upload photos from your computer, add text, change the sizing, and so much more! You can easily save the design to your computer and it is ready to print.

Show your family, friends, loved ones and co workers that you are thinking of them this holiday season by sending or giving them a holiday card. This year, you can print your holiday cards for less with our compatible or remanufactured ink & toner cartridges. The holiday season is expensive, card giving doesn’t have to be!

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