Inkjet Printers compared to Ink Tank Printers

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                                                 Inkjet Printers compared to Ink Tank Printers   



Inkjet Printers have been on the market for more than twenty years. Now, there is a new development in ink printers, that is the 'Ink Tank Printer'. Which ink printer to buy; Inkjet or Ink Tank, will depend on the ink printer that most suites your needs. Ink Tank Printers are both a smart, and affordable alternative to your printing needs, and may be suitable for your printing requirements.

Differences between the traditional Inkjet Printers and the new Ink Tank Printers:

Traditional Inkjet Printers use Ink Cartridges to produce a printed page and are suitable for printing both smooth and detailed text and images, on all types of printing paper, (glossy, matte, fabric and other). Most colour Inkjet Printers come with a large black Inkjet cartridge and three colour Inkjet cartridges, (cyan (blue), magenta (red/pink), and yellow). The three coloured cartridges sometimes also come in one tri-colour cartridge. Once these cartridges run out of ink, they will need to be replaced with new cartridges. Also, Inkjet Printers are not suitable for occasional printing, as the ink cartridges tend to dry up if the Inkjet printer is not used regularly, on an ongoing basis, and therefore you will need to replace the relevant dry cartridge more often. Also keep in mind, that neither the Inkjet Printers or Ink Tank printers, are suited for high volume, high speed printing, needed for most office environments. Unlike traditional Inkjet Printers, Ink Tank Printers have individual ink tanks, one for each of the colours, black, cyan, magenta and yellow. Each tank is able to accommodate a reasonably large volume of ink, about 70 ml in most printers. This is most beneficial when printing, as you do not have to be concerned about running out of ink, as you can fill up the ink tanks based on your printing requirements. Another benefit of Ink Tank printers is that there is no issues with the ink drying up, should you not use your printer regularly.

Also, Inkjet printers can generally print about 300 to 400 pages using a single cartridge, or maybe a lot less if you are printing high quality colour images. On the other hand, Ink Tank printers are capable of producing a 1000 pages or more, depending on the capacity of the ink tanks in the Ink Tank printer.

When it comes to the quality of printing, both the traditional Inkjet Printers and the Ink Tank Printers can both produce good quality printing. Keep in mind that traditional Inkjet Printers print excellent quality, precision photo reproduction, and can print on different types of printing paper and even on some suitable fabrics without a problem. Another important thing to consider, on the other hand, is that Ink Tank Printers use liquid ink that may not be ideal for printing high quality photo printing, however, the results are generally quite adequate for general use. Ink Tank Printers are therefore suited for mixed purpose printing, where you might be printing documents, projects, and some colour images and posters.

Something else to consider is that the cost on average, to purchase a traditional Inkjet Printer, is lower than the cost of purchasing an Ink Tank printer. However, the cost of replacing ink cartridges for Inkjet Printers is substantially higher than replacing Ink bottles for Ink Tank Printers. Another consideration, is that you will need approximately four cartridges per Inkjet Printer, depending on the printer model, and the capacity of the ink cartridges. The cost will therefore be higher to replace ink cartridges than that of using ink bottles. Although Ink Tank printers are a bit more expensive to purchase, you have substantial savings when it comes to printing, as the refill ink bottles are relatively inexpensive. Also, Ink Tank Printers have an inbuilt system that supplies a continuous ink flow, which is more efficient, and therefore helps to lower the cost of printing. In addition, the filling up of the ink tanks for the Ink Tank Printers is really very easy, as most models have the ink tanks built outside the printer's chassis.

Once you have decided on the type of printer, either Inkjet or Ink Tank, take some time to explore the other features that each type of printer has to offer. The two most important attributes to consider are the resolution quality and the print speed. If you are using the printer in an office work setting, you will want a faster output and you may need to consider a Laser Printer. Also, take some time to explore additional features that the printers have to offer. The enhanced features are available on more premium models.

In summary, purchasing a  traditional Inkjet Printer that uses ink cartridge or an Ink Tank Printer that will need ink bottle to refill the ink tanks, will depend on your home usage and what your priorities are. The traditional Inkjet Printers are most suited for photo-perfect quality and can be used in an office environment for this specific purpose. However, if you have mixed  printing needs, for example general posters, or for printing school and college projects, or for printing forms and the occasional article, you will find that Ink Tank Printers add a lot of value and can generally reduce your printing costs.

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