Easy Troubleshooting of Printers (3 steps)

Posted by on 5/27/2020 to Blog

Printer problems can be very frustrating, especially if what you are printing is time sensitive. Unfortunately, the list for reasons why your printer may not be functioning is extensive, but luckily there are 3 easy steps you can try to troubleshoot your printer before panicking about it not working.

Step 1: Turn Printer OFF and ON

When in doubt – reboot! The first thing you should always do if your printing is acting up is to turn it off and back on. Often times, your issue can be resolved by power cycling. Be sure to wait at least 30 seconds to a minute before turning your printer back on.


Wait for the ink cartridges to center after being turned on, and then try printing again. In some cases, you can try to actually reset the printer to its default factory settings. To learn how to do this, please refer to your printer’s manual.


If your printer’s issue persists after trying this, please refer to step 2.

Step 2: Remove and Shake Toner

If step 1 did not resolve your issue, try to remove the toner and shake it in order to get the ink flowing. Be sure to do this carefully, as it can get everywhere if not done gently and correctly.


After you do this and re-insert the toner into the printer, you should print a test page to determine if the printer is working and the ink is functioning correctly. If you are not sure how to print a test page, refer to your printer’s manual as all printers are different.

Step 3: Clean the Printer

Printers need to be cleaned. This should be something that is done on a frequent basis. If your printer has not been cleaned in a while and is causing issues, there is a good chance that cleaning it can resolve the problem. Each printer make and model has different cleaning procedures, so be sure to follow the instructions in the manual. If you no longer have your printer’s manual, most of them can now be found online in PDF format.


If you are using the Brother Drum, try to move around the corona wire (a wire with an electrical current running through it) back and forth 5 times to help clean the drum.


Be sure you change your drum units for printers such as Brother, some models of Lexmark, and other various printer brands that have separate drums. After every 3-4 toner changes, the drum will need to be changed as when the drums are empty, the printer won’t work.

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