Choosing an Affordable Printer: A Buyer’s Guide

Posted by on 2/4/2020 to Blog

There are so many different models of printers available for purchase it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you and your needs. Looking for a decent printer that is still affordable can be a task, which is why we have compiled a list of things to look for before you buy a new printer.

Determining the use for the Printer

Before buying a printer, understand what you will be using it for, and which printer will work best for your needs. The different types of printers are:

  • Inkjet Printers
  • Laser Printers
  • Photo Printers
  • Mutifunction/All-In-One Printers


If you are using the printer for home/personal use, using an inkjet is most realistic as it is the least expensive. If you are using your printer for simple text and photo/graphic use, an inkjet printer would be good for you.


If you are using the printer for schooling and you want your pages printed fast and in high quality, investing in an inexpensive laser printer would be a good option for you. Laser printers are also great for office use if you are mainly printing text documents.

Photo Printers:

If you are a photographer or a hobbyist printing many photos, a multifunction printer is something to consider. Although more expensive, these printers have been greatly developed in regard to photo output. An added bonus is that most multifunction printers have SD card slots to upload the photo to the printer to print it. Alternatively, you can connect these printers to Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud to print photos wirelessly. Photo printers are also recommended, but only if you are solely printing photos. The print quality is quite similar to developing photos from a photo center. A great bonus of a photo printer is that the majority of them can print right from your camera. This is done by connecting your camera to your printer via USB. You can also put your memory card into the photo printer.

Multifunction Printers:

If you are a business, it is most realistic to get a multifunction printer. These printers also include a copier, scanner, fax machine, as well as the normal print function. This is beneficial as majority of the time all of these features will be used in your business. These printers are typically the most expensive but are well worth it if you are actually using all the features. These printers allow you to change out each colour (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) as it runs out. This is better than having to switch out the tri-colour cartridge every time a single colour runs out.

Type of Print Quality

Laser printers hands down offer the best quality print however, they are also the most expensive type of printer to buy. If you are printing photos and professional documents with a lot of colour, laser printers are probably your best bet and worth the investment. However, if you are a home user using the printer for personal use, an inkjet will work just fine. The quality of the print varies with inkjet printers, so be sure to research reviews of printers before purchasing. The main spec you should keep an eye out for is the DPI of the printer. DPI means dots per ink, which shows how precisely a printer will replicate the pixels of your image. The range of DPI for inkjet printers is 600 x 600 DPI to 4,800 x 4,800 DPI.

What Type of Ink the Printer Uses

It is important to do some research before buying a new printer, especially for ink. You can buy some printers for as little as forty dollars. However, a lot of these inexpensive printers have higher priced ink. A great option for these instances is using compatible and remanufactured ink. Superior Ink & Toner carries compatible and remanufactured ink for many printer brands. Search for your printer here and find your ink.

Be Wary of the Duty Cycle

The duty cycle is the number of pages that a printer can print without any issues within a month. People use the duty cycle as a method to track when things may start to go awry with the printer. If you print a large quantity of documents/photos, make sure you look into the duty cycle of a printer before purchasing. If you are printing 3,000 documents per month, it is not financially realistic to purchase a printer with a duty cycle of 1,000 as you will end up running into issues with your printer.

In Review

After reading this blog and learning which printer is best for specific uses, it is now up to you to determine which printer would be best for you! Before you purchase a printer, make sure you read reviews, and visit retail stores to see their printouts containing the specs for each printer.


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