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MSE Brand by Clover Imaging Group, is recognized for leading the industry in Quality and Performance. MSE brand is Clover Imaging Group’s Premier
Remanufactured brand. With a reputation for Innovation and Superior Quality, MSE is one of the industry’s most renowned brands. MSE’s pioneering Intelligent Re-Engineering™ approach employs patented technologies, proprietary processes, and stringent testing methodologies that result in your Best Alternative to the OEM.

Through various product awards and industry publications, MSE brand products have been recognized as the industry Leader in toner Quality.

CIG Brand by Clover Imaging Group, is a Premium Quality Remanufactured product at Superior Value. Clover Imaging Group leads the industry in designing and manufacturing Premium laser print cartridges that provide a High Quality and Low Cost Alternative to the OEM.

By significantly investing in R&D, engineering, ISO 9001:2008 certified production facilities, and state-of- the-art robotics and automation technology, Clover laser cartridges offer consistent, reliable performance that meets or exceeds the OEM and other aftermarket suppliers.

Clover products go through a comprehensive quality performance system that ensures that all products meet or exceed OEM performance. This includes OEM benchmarking, rigorous component and raw material testing, environmental chamber testing, pre and post-production testing and a centralized quality monitoring system, that provide the same quality and performance as the OEM brands.

Backed by a 100% performance guarantee, it’s the easy way to lower your printing

NUP Brand by Clover Imaging Group, are Compatible products which offer excellent Quality and Value. The NUP brand is Superior Ink & Toner's house brand, alternative to high priced OEM
printing consumables, and is backed by Clover Imaging Group, a leader in the manufacture of laser print cartridges.

The NUP brand of Compatible products are sourced from accredited manufacturers employing standards that ensures high quality and competitive pricing, an excellent Compatible alternative to high priced OEM's. The NUP brand is a quality product, guaranteed by Clover Imaging Group to ensure problem free printing at very affordable prices.

Dataproducts Brand ink cartridges by Clover Imaging Group is Quality you can depend on. Clover Imaging Group offers a full line of premium Remanufactured inkjet cartridges at a fraction of the cost of OEM cartridges.

Dataproducts brand offers a broad and deep product line including supplies for all the OEM inkjet printer brands including: Brother, Canon, Dell, HP, Epson and Lexmark.

All of the inkjet cartridges that Clover produce go through a rigorous, multi-step patented manufacturing process. This state-of- the-art process includes proprietary digital filling and sealing techniques using custom-built robotics equipment, to ensure consistent and accurate filling with inks that are specially formulated for each type of cartridge.
The last step for each cartridge is rigorous testing to verify the quality of that cartridge to ensure consistent vibrant colours and to make sure there is no smearing or streaking.
With substantial savings and a worry-free performance guarantee. Dataproducts brand of inkjet cartridges offer the very best solution over the higher priced OEM alternatives.

Fuzion Brand is a premium line of Compatible products sourced from top manufacturers around the world. Consistent, reliable High Quality print makes fuzion the number one Compatible alternative to high priced OEM printing consumables in Canada. All new Fuzion compatibles are produced using 100% new parts and are 100% Compatible with a wide range of OEM brands.

Fuzion Compatibles are sourced from top manufacturers around the world who apply the highest consistent quality, in certified facilities, employing strict guidelines and respecting OEM patent design and functionality to ensure consistency in Quality.

All fuzion products are bench marked to OEM performance standards, with experienced quality control and technical support. Manufacturers employ the most advanced technology for R&D and quality assurance testing to ensure the consistency in quality, and carry many certifications including ISO9001, ISO14001, ROHS and STMC.
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